Work with Us
  • Contract job giving regular 2.5-hour historical walking tours of Melbourne
  • Requires an interest in history, passion for Melbourne and ability to speak in front of a crowd of up to 40 people
  • Perfect for out-of-work actors, people with an experience tour guiding
  • Tours operate on a tips-basis, which can be lucrative — typical earnings are $70-200 per 2.5 hour tour — but can also mean income is not guaranteed
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Walks 101 is looking for bright, enthusiastic, curious people to lead walking tours around the city. Our daily walking tours appeal to visitors around the world who want to learn Melbourne’s culture, history and attitude.

We offer daily tours of Melbourne, our 11am Free Walking Tour, which operates on a pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth basis, a group of paid tours, which pays out a fixed fee.

Our guides are independent contractors. Working with Walks 101 means you can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you choose. It also means your earning potential is unlimited. (Our guides report an average earning of $40-70/hour.)

  • Performance ability — Speaking to large groups of up to 40 people at a volume from which you can be heard
  • Research — Successful applicants will develop their own unique walking tour, both through independent research and shadowing our existing guides
  • Attention to detail — Record-keeping is an essential part of the tour guiding gig
  • Reliability — You must honour commitments to give tours 100% of the time
  • Legal — You must be legally allowed to work in Australia and comply with Australian law regarding self-employment and registration.
  • Language — You must speak English (if you’re bi-lingual, please let us know too)

Our selection process includes a group interview, an audition, and a training program. This training program will teach the basics of guiding so you can go on to be a successful guide not just in Melbourne, but around the world.

Successful guides will give their first tours in September.

If interested, please submit an application with a resumé, photo, and preference for one of the following group interview times (interview will last 1 hour)

Monday 07 August @ 5:45pm

Wednesday 09 August @ 8:30am

Tuesday 15 August @ 12:00pm