Paseo ecológico en barco por Melbourne


At under 200 years old, the City of Melbourne is a recent addition to the local ecosystem. Uncover the hidden wildlife at the doorstep of this metropolis.

A unique boating experience

Spot local wildlife and learn how their survival is challenged by the ever-changing urban landscape. Conduct tests to diagnose the health of our ecosystem. Finish your tour on a serene human-powered boat ride in the Royal Botanic Gardens as you get up close and personal to birds, ducks, plants in an old billabong from the Yarra River.

  • Find nests, dugouts and signs of wildlife in the heart of the city
  • Hop aboard a small, human-powered boat to get up close and personal with the animals
  • Conduct citizen science experiments to assess the current health of the eco system
  • Take home a sustainable coffee cup, filled with a classic Melbourne coffee
  • Use a “turbidity tube” to test the clarity of the water, and learn what you can do to keep the water clean
  • Contribute to keeping the river clean — a portion of proceeds go to the Baykeepers’ Association, who help keep the Yarra clean