Free Tours Online

COVID-19 can’t stop us! We’ve translated our famous free tour into multimedia, interactive digital events. Join now for free.
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Hop on a Free Tour Online

We wanted to find a way to bring the interactive nature of our Free Walking Tour to the online space. We think we’ve found it.

Choose your subject — We’ll be releasing dozens of videos over the coming months. Find a topic that interests you.
Tune in at your leisure — Our online events depart every 5 minutes — find a time that suits you and hop on in!
Pay what you think it was worth — If (and only if) you thought the event was amazing, you’re welcome to pay what you feel using the buttons below.


Free Tour Online FAQs

Do I have to tune in at a prescribed time?

We’ll let you in on a secret — although they look and feel like live events, the videos were pre-recorded, allowing us to let you join at anytime. If you ask us a question in the event, we’ll hop on and answer as soon as we’re able.

How much should I give?

Since 2017, our business has been funded with the idea that our customers should be able to pick their price. We’ve resisted the impulse to name a price because we truly want everyone to be able to experience our products.

Our primary goal is to get most people to give something, so regardless of what you give, it will make huge difference to us.

Where will the money go?

Your contribution will help pay the wages of the Walks 101 guides.

Do I need to give for each video I watch?

We want our online tours to find an audience. Please watch as many videos as you want to.

What kind of computer do I need to connect to the digital event?

The one you have! We’ve worked hard to make sure our software works on all devices. So tune in from whatever device you’re comfortable with.

We do find that laptops and desktops are a bit easier to manage since you don’t need to worry about holding your device, but we just want you to be comfortable.