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Handpicked for their extensive experience, Our Walks 101 Guides will passionately take you on a journey through the city they love.

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When Passion Meets Experience

Who Are Our Guides?

Walks 101 is a team of professional tour guides who love their work. Each of our guides has their own fascinating story, and has lead tours all over the world, from Europe and beyond.

Rather than only hiring locals, Walks 101 makes sure to hire passionate individuals with multiple years of experience leading different kinds of tours across the world  – whether local or international!

Our guides are from many different countries all over the world, and all share the same love for sharing amazing parts of the city they love – whether it’s the city they have chosen to move to out of the entire world, or the city they have called home for their whole life.

Walks 101 guides have experience guiding for companies such as Sandeman’s New Europe Tours, TopDeck, Busabout, Contiki, Expat Explore, and other private and/or free tour companies in Australia and beyond.

Each of them brings with them their personal life experiences and travels to curate their personalised tour, and with passion will show you what their city means to them.

We are travellers; we are explorers; we are appreciators of culture and desirers of the more unique parts of life. We are Walks 101!

Guide by Day, stand-up comedian by night

Beau Stegmann

They say Aussies know how to spin a yarn, but Beau has made a career of it.

When not performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Beau gives tours around his city.

Go on his tour, then check out his comedy on his Facebook page.

Guide Bea
Hugo Mylecharane Walks 101 guide
The Trivia-Loving Local

Hugo Mylecharane

Hugo was born and raised in Melbourne and despite years living and working in the UK and USA- Melbourne’s charm has always pulled him back home.
Hugo is a trivia lover and writes and hosts trivia in his spare time. He is also a Beer lover and has his own craft beer label.
Hugo has been working as a tour guide for over six years in Melbourne for walking and private day tours – he prefers the walking tours! He loves revealing Melbourne’s many hidden secrets to locals and visitors alike, but don’t get him started on sports or jokes – you’ll be there a while!
The Nomadic Blogger + Marketing Wizard

Kimmie Conner

Kimmie has worked her way around the world as both a professional travel blogger and tour guide. After guiding for many seasons in Europe and blogging her way through 6 continents, she has decided to ‘settle down’ for a year in her favourite city in the world, Melbourne.

A self-proclaimed mermaid, festival-enthusiast, and photography nerd, Kimmie loves to spend time exploring the many things this world has to offer.

She’s passionate about sharing her adventures and favourite places in the world, whether by writing about it on her adventure travel + festival blog, or in person on her tours. Catch her world adventures and photography on her blog and instagram pages, or just jump on a tour while you’re in town!

max wagner walks 101 guide
'Sexy Max' the Almost-Actor

Max Wagner

A naturally theatrical and loud person, Max chose the tour guiding path 6 years ago and has flourished in that role ever since. Having given tours in Barcelona, Edinburgh, Costa Rica and now Melbourne Max revels in exploring a city’s history and meeting new people. But be careful if snapping photos of him he has been prone to pull out some of his old ‘looks’ mid-tour #bluesteel

The Laneway-Loving Local Actor

Marc Opitz

Raised in Adelaide, Marc moved to Melbourne to pursue his passion for acting. He spends his weeks going to auditions, filming commercials, working as a crossing guard for a local school, and of course leading walking tours around the city.

Putting his individual and theatrical spin on each and every tour, “WalkingMarc” is sure to leave you with the same love of his city that he has.

marc opitz walks 101 guide
'American John' Our Founder + Team Leader

John O'Sullivan

John is the founder of Walks 101, who took a gap year away from his home state of Minnesota and never returned. He spent years working in tour guiding, branding, and operations for a plethora of international travel companies through Europe, the US, and Australia.

After marrying an Aussie, he decided to bring the ‘Free Walking Tour’ popularised in Europe, over to Australia – that’s how Walks 101 was born! Read more about Our Story here.

The Artist, Activist, and Guide

Tristan Davies

Tristan is a bona-fide local who is extremely active in many different scenes in Melbourne. President of the Melbourne Heritage Action group, you can find Tristan fighting to preserve historic buildings and sites – when he’s not busy working as a photographer or putting together art exhibitions, that is!

Tristan leads many different kinds of tours throughout the city as well, and his passion will always shine through as he shows off his home turf.

The Spanish Travel-Lover

Alexa Toral-Harper

Alexa has spent her years working both as a guide and in corporate. Originally hailing from Spain, she had lead tours in Barcelona, Portugal, and other hot European destinations before making the temporary move to Australia.

She enjoys helping and leading groups of young travellers as they settle into Melbourne on their working holiday visas, and also leading our tours both in Spanish and in English.