Uncover Hidden Laneway Bars of Sydney


Join us for a guided afternoon walk to some of Sydney’s most hidden pubs.

About the Sydney Bar Tour


Sydney’s pub scene calls two things to mind – historic (but stuffy) pubs of The Rocks district, or the out-of-control nightclubs that required so-called “lockout laws” to be reigned in.

Between these two categories is a third, lesser known one — hidden bars. Throughout the CBD are places best kept secret, where only the whispers of a local who is in the know will get you there.

Uncover the bars that require a descent of a long wrought-iron spiral staircase into a cavernous basement. Find bars tucked away in nondescript shopping centres that reveal secret opium dens. Meet craft cocktail makers who will use fire and liquid nitrogen to concoct the perfect drink.

Join us on this three-hour adventure, and whatever you do, help us keep these bars secret!